Meet Kevin


After attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, finishing with a BS / MDS in Environmental Science and Business he continued onto law school, also at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Upon graduation, he joined the brokerage firm of Quick & Reilly. While his desk in Berlin, CT never moved, over 9 years the company became Fleet Bank, Bank of America and finally Merrill Lynch. During this time he designed and managed the investment portfolios for his and many firm clients. When the Merrill transition occurred they unveiled a new compensation plan that focused on commissions and not the client. This change made him leave in order to maintain a relationship driven approach.

After nearly a decade in the independent advisor space, Kevin saw a growing need for more technology in order to help clients’ better track their finances. He looked for companies focused on improving their client facing technology as well as being a comprehensive wealth provider. He chose to partner with Nesso Wealth because of their holistic approach as well as the incorporation of debt and income planning. In addition, he was accepted to affiliate with Carson Wealth Group. This granted access to one of the industry’s best technology to easily and comprehensively consolidate clients wealth needs. This affiliation also garnered access to the highest quality portfolio managers. The world is so fast and complex, and their focus is to slow it down and make it simpler.

Kevin grew up Freetown, Massachusetts. His parents were both teachers, both the children of immigrants, both of which were the first in their families to graduate college. Their dedication to education instilled the value of knowledge, even if it was trivia or obscure facts. When he was a teenager both his parents teaching unions went on extended strikes at the same time. He learned in those months that budgeting and saving were of the utmost importance.

Kevin resides in Wolcott, CT. He has one sister, Cheryl, and two crazy nephews, Christopher and Austin that live in North Carolina. He likes traveling down when he can and hosting the family for a week long BBQ and Fourth of July celebration.