Nesso Wealth Offers Special Needs Trust Services In Connecticut

The measure of wealth is more than just money. It revolves around your life and how well you live it. True wealth offers people certainty and confidence for the future. Regardless of your definition of wealth, you need proper management to help you pursue your financial goals. You may want to pass your wealth on to future generations or make a difference in your community. Pursuing these objectives requires more than just having money; it necessitates careful planning and preparation.

Nesso Wealth is a full-service wealth management firm that provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to Connecticut individuals, families, and businesses. We’ve worked with clients with unique circumstances related to special needs planning. Our services help people control their wealth and grow them with time. If you want to learn more, schedule a consultation with us. Let’s start planning your financial future today.


What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is a financial and investment advisory service offered to people with wealth. It revolves around the needs and wants of the clients to come up with customized financial strategies. Some of the wealth management services we offer at Nesso Wealth include the following:

  • Investment and financial advice
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax services
  • Risk planning

How Our Wealth Management Services Work

Wealth management involves a financial advisor’s coordinated approach to assets and plans. Our financial advisors offer help across various fields. They help you draw plans to manage and increase wealth depending on your goals and risks. They’ll look at the entire financial picture, be it tax planning, wills, or trust services. They can also review your investment strategies and estate, retirement, tax, and risk planning.

We’ll coordinate regular meetings to review, update, and rebalance the financial portfolio. You’ll make the final decisions, but we’ll provide recommendations and help you understand the pros and cons of each option. This way, you can make the best-informed decisions for your wealth management. Our financial advisor looks at other financial services to help manage your wealth better. We believe everything in finances is connected, and your plan should be too.

Benefits Of Our Wealth Management Services

Our management of wealth services has a lot of benefits for people, families, and businesses. We help grow and control wealth for your longer goals and more. Here is a list of some of the benefits of working with us.

Direct Access To Your Coach

We have direct access to your coaches all day. We not only offer financial advice but also offer life coaching. We want to know you more and identify your goals. This approach helps us customize a plan that will fit your needs and wishes. We have professionals in different languages who regularly meet you when you need us. We act as a coach who guides you through the process to ensure success.

Continuous Accountability Partner

We know things change in people’s lives over time. We help you throughout every stage of your life, be it marriage, children, or changing a career. We advise you and assist you in making the right financial decisions. We give honest financial opinions to keep you on track when you’re not saving or spending too much. We have our clients at heart and offer a customized financial planning strategy that holds them accountable for their resources.

Setting Goals

Our financial advisors help you through the crucial process of setting your financial goals. We help you get long-term and short-term goals and help you in the execution to achieve them. We look at all your needs and conditions and help you develop a realistic plan.

Services We Offer

We offer different services to help people know their wealth and help them define their version of wealth. We have various services to help you control and maintain your wealth. Here are the management services we offer for wealth control:

Financial Planning

We help people manage their finances to be dependent in the future. We do this by assessing your assets, income, and day-to-day expenses. This step helps us identify what you need now and in the future to develop a reasonable, up-to-date, dynamic financial plan. Our financial management services help you pursue your financial goals with various investment strategies. By drawing up an appropriate plan, we’ll assess your financial status, expenses, social security claims, and risks.

Risk Management Planning

We look at the advantages and save the dangers you can be in by assessing risks that might impact your finances negatively. We offer risk management services to help you prepare for any eventuality that may arise. We focus on life, disability, and long-term problems and come up with the proper management of risk services. Our professionals can put you on an insurance plan that will back you up in case of any eventualities.

Estate Planning

We help you have an estate plan that will align with your financial strategy and the legacy you’ll leave behind in the case of death or incapacitation. Estate planning helps determine asset preservation, management, and distribution after death. The plan protects the wealth and the remaining family members. Other benefits our plans give include:

  • Reduction of estate taxes by having beneficiary trust accounts
  • Offering a guardian for the remaining family members
  • Review and update beneficiaries
  • Supporting funeral expenses

We control future risk by robust management of services to avoid future disagreements in your family. We regularly review your will and beneficiaries to avoid problems in the future. This review will protect your estate safe, and your legacy will live on. The distribution will be seamless without any disagreements among family members.

Investment Management

Our financial advisor works closely with you to identify the appropriate investment strategy for you. They’ll develop the right approach to help you grow your finances and realize your goals.

We have accountable and trustworthy advisors who will be honest with you throughout the process. We assess the suitable investment considering your situation and the economy’s health. This assessment helps us decide on the investment strategy that will be viable and appropriate for you.

Retirement Planning

We help you have a plan for the future with our goal-oriented retirement plan. Many people are never ready for retirement and need a plan for it. We come to your aid by making the most of today for a comfortable tomorrow. We help you with a financial plan to sort out your retirement crisis.

Your pension might not cover all your expenses in old age, and you’ll never be that strong to work again. Our robust goal-oriented retirement plan will help you work towards your retirement target. We work with your liquid assets, property, or investment needs, identifying potential mistakes and controlling them. We assess your Social Security and taxes, among other things that might bring problems in the future, and strengthen your retirement plan.

Tax Planning

We help individuals with tax return review and identification of savings and avenues to be financially dependent and stable in the future. We have a customized plan for any tax management service for you or your business. We assess your tax services and ensure you’re compliant and up to date. We help with your business taxes and guarantee you file a return and meet other tax obligations.

Special Needs Trust

We come to the help of people with physical or mental disabilities who have chronic illnesses. Our special needs trust helps people with disabilities get financial support without affecting other public assistance programs. The trust fund mainly takes care of medication, caregivers, and transportation. A trustee is designated to control, manage and oversee the funds. Selecting the trustee is crucial since it guarantees they’re directed toward serving its purpose.

The trust also allows an individual that is disabled to keep their money and still receive help from other government-funded programs. This plan isn’t revocable hence can’t be altered, amended, or terminated. Creditors can’t seize the wealth; it will only expire upon the beneficiary’s death, and the remaining assets are given to the remaining beneficiaries.

Benefits Of Our Special Needs Trusts

Some of the benefits enjoyed by people with our special needs trusts include:

Continuity Of Care

The trust helps to ensure that the beneficiary continues receiving the same high-quality care they were getting before, even if the primary caregiver is no longer available. It provides for a successor trustee who will take over if the original trustee can no longer perform their duties.

Professional Management

Our team of professionals manages the trust professionally, putting their experience to work for you. This way, you guarantee that the beneficiary’s needs are well taken care of, and they receive high-quality services.

Improved Quality Of Life

You can use the trust fund to improve the beneficiary’s quality of life. For instance, you can use it to hire a live-in caregiver or buy them a wheelchair. They won’t have to worry about how they will pay for these things since the trust fund will take care of them.

Protection Of Government Benefits

The trust protects the beneficiary’s eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The assets in the trust don’t count when determining their eligibility for these benefits.

What Kind Of Assistance Does Our Special Needs Trust Provide

Medical Expenses

You can use the trust to pay for the beneficiary’s medical expenses not covered by government benefits. It can include dental care, prescription drugs, and therapy.


You can also use it to hire caretakers to provide in-home care for the beneficiary. This way, they can live at home instead of in a nursing facility.

Cost Of Transportation

If the beneficiary doesn’t have access to public transportation, you can use the trust to pay for their transportation costs. It can include the price of a car or van, gas, and a wheelchair.

Protect Your Loved Ones With Nesso Wealth

We’re ready and willing to offer you support toward your financial success in Connecticut. Schedule a consultation with us, and we’ll connect you with a financial advisor to customize a plan for you as soon as possible. At Nesso Wealth, we put your interests and success first, relieving you of unnecessary stress. We’ve built our business on a solid foundation of trust with our clients.



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